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A Guide to Diesel Powered Air Compressors

In many residential and commercial garages, you will find air compressors since this is one common piece of equipment. If you want to convert electricity, gas or diesel into kinetic energy, then you use an air compressor for this purpose. Air is pressurized and compressed by this equipment. It will then release the air in quick bursts. Today, the most popular air compressor used by many is a diesel powered air compressor. You can use the diesel powered air compressor for any compression jobs but they are mostly used for heavy duty projects. Since they are diesel powered, it does not use electricity so there are no cords used which make it easy to use them in any location or any type of job.

Diesel powered air compressors can be towed and this is what most contractors want. What is great about these towable diesel powered air compressors is that you can mount them on wheels and since they have a tow hitch, it make it very easy to hook up and move to any location where the job is to be done. When you read an air compressor’s specifications, they use abbreviations to help determine the rating. The abbreviation CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. It is the amount of air the compressor takes in per minute. If you want a faster and more powerful compressor, then you should get one with a high CFM. Psi or pounds per square inch is one of the factors in CFM.

The amount of gallons that can be held in the air compressor’s tank is its tank capacity. The larger the tank the higher the pressure that can be maintained. You will also note that diesel powered air compressor uses the term horsepower. Horsepower is all about power and not air, so the more horsepower, the more power you have.

If you want to keep your diesel powered air compressor is good condition, it is important that proper maintenance be done to it. Whatever size your diesel powered air compressor is, whether a small one for home use or a big tractor compressor, you need to keep it well tuned up. You can end up paying for costly repairs if you miss out on a loose screw. When you are doing basic maintenance, there are some important things that you need to check like oil levels, belt tension, blow out coolers, air leak detection, electrical connections, condenser, and oil and filter changes. You can have a long lasting diesel powered air compressor if you regularly do simple preventive maintenance and routine care.

If you are look for great diesel powered air compressors, you can check some online sites that sell these equipment. With the best diesel powered air compressor there are numerous heavy duty projects that you can do.

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