Why a Reclaimed Wood Wall Treatment Makes a Great DIY Project

Wood has remained an incredibly popular building and decorating material because it offers unique benefits. It is easy to work with and creates a warm, welcoming look that is unmatched. Wood can also be reused for a wide variety of custom applications. In fact, a reclaimed wood wall treatment makes the ideal weekend project and offers a range of benefits. Re-purposed wood can come from a variety of sources and be adapted to make a personal statement.

Reclaimed Wood Is Good for the Environment

Although many DIY fans have easy access to any kind of wood, many opt for reclaimed wood because it is an eco-friendly choice. Deforestation has reduced the number of available trees, jungles, and forests. Many responsible homeowners feel that it is important to preserve trees, so they find uses for existing wood. Essentially, they are recycling wood, which reduces the number of trees that need to be cut for boards.

Reclaimed Wood Has a Stylish Look

Repurposed wood also has a look that is rare in new boards. Natural aging often gives it strength, durability, and an interesting appearance. Wood that comes from timber which has grown for a long time is likely to include wider rings and more knots than newer lumber. Older wood tends to have unique markings that give it character and charm. In many cases, there is also a story behind the wood source that makes it even more special.

Reclaimed Wood Is Versatile

The uses for reclaimed wood are limited only by imagination. Some examples of quick and cheap wall treatments include:

  • A wall consisting of wood taken from free shipping pallets
  • A faux hearth made of reclaimed wood and used to add warmth to a kitchen
  • An entire wall constructed of reclaimed birch pole slices that include projecting pieces acting as hanging storage
  • A contemporary wall consisting of reclaimed boards in a variety of colors and types

Creative homeowners are adapting reclaimed wood for a variety of custom DIY projects. Repurposed wood provides a custom look that combines age, elegance, and strength. Using reclaimed wood for home projects also helps to protect the dwindling number of naturally growing trees being cut from forests and jungles.

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