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Top Things to Do in Clearwater Beach With Kids

Clearwater Beach is one of the world’s best getaways of all time. It is so easy to have fun here because it has all the best features of any beach. The features bring out the best fun for all people of different ages and different people. Planning for the journey to this beach requires you to understand the kind of activities you are to partake in so that you can plan your itinerary. Find below some things to do for fun with the kids at Clearwater Beach.

The pier is among the most popular things on this beach. It is definitely one of the best features on this beach. You can begin by going fishing at the pier by renting some fishing gear and have a good time, or decide to have a picnic at the pavilion or just wait till the sunset where they have a night festival with beautiful entertainment, great food, an ambiance to die for and so much more.

Another fun activity would be surfing. You can have the kids try to surf at the surf shop using the wave machines that are available there. The kid will have a lot of fun while trying to learn how to surf and be safe while at it at the same time.
An aquarium is always a lot of fun for both the kids and the parents and this you will find in Clearwater. It is also a place to learn a lot especially for kids. The aquatic life in the aquarium is quite a sight to behold and the kids will learn of them. There is a dolphin display here as well that your kids can really enjoy.

The beach by itself is also so beautiful and the kids will love it. Kids really do enjoy being on the beach doing all that entails found on the beach that is, swimming and building castles, or just running around at the beach. The beauty of the beach is something you don’t want to miss and you can be sure that you will have an amazing time. Take a cooler, snacks, sunscreen and a beach umbrella and you and the kids can enjoy the sun.

Mini golf is quite famous and many children totally love it. It is a favorite of many kids around the world. At this beach in particular, there are a few shops that have some mini golf courses. The little golf course travels onto a pirate ship. As most kids have a thing for pirates, it could easily be one of the best things they have done. Experience is the best teacher and you will have to try out the games for you can win some prizes that your kids could be reminded of the beach whenever they look at them.

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