Advantages of Gas Over Wood Fireplaces

There is something about staring at a wood fire that is intrinsically comforting. Unfortunately, though, when wood fires are inside households, that comfort comes at a fairly steep price: constant cleaning, procuring and chopping wood, and the hassle of lighting fires every night. Thankfully, there is an alternative: purchase a modern gas heater designed to look and feel just like a wood fireplace.

All of the Comfort, None of the Hassles

Gas fireplaces and heater units are designed to look and feel just like traditional wood fires, but they don’t require homeowners to go out and chop all of their own wood. Instead, gas-fired heaters offer the same ambiance with none of the hassles. In fact, they are almost indistinguishable from wood fires, as they are designed to make use of special glowing embers distributed through a layer of sand to give the appearance of wood and already provide a similar amount of warmth.

Easier to Operate

As anyone who has ever owned a traditional fireplace can attest, getting fires started isn’t always an easy matter. If the wood is wet or there isn’t enough kindling, it can be next to impossible and, even once the fire is lit, there’s still the matter of constantly adding wood to make sure the fire doesn’t die out. In comparison, all that’s required to get a gas fireplace lit and continuing to burn indefinitely is the turn of a switch.

Less Dangerous

Wood fireplaces and stoves must be cleaned frequently to avoid the dangerous buildup of creosote on the inside of chimneys. If this maintenance isn’t performed on a regular basis, dangerous creosote fires can occur and can cause damage to the home. Gas fireplaces require next to no maintenance, and there is no possibility of dangerous creosote buildup occurring.

Cheaper to Maintain

The lowered level of fire danger isn’t the only advantage of gas over wood fires. Gas fireplaces and stoves are also much easier to maintain, making them much more convenient and less expensive than their traditional counterparts. In fact, most families switching from wood to gas fireplaces find they are able to recover the costs of making the switch in just a few years.

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